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Free browser app to block trackers in your browser. Your internet is now faster, safer, and private
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17 December 2013

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As we browse through the World Wide Web, we come across several websites that include ads in their pages, often through third party advertisement platforms. The platforms too are at times not fully aware of the contents of the ads that are dished out through them and malicious individuals use this loophole to track user information. Now if you are serious about protecting your privacy online then we would recommend you to install the PrivDog in your system. It comes loaded with a sophisticated analytic engine which can dynamically check and block suspicious ads before they can steal your valuable data.

When you install the PrivDog application, it simply adds its extension on to all the major browsers that are present in your system. It essentially uses default settings to block all ads except those coming from the AdTrustMedia network. However it does not try to block any direct ads that originate from an website domain. Further the application allows you to block all ads in one go and have a complete ad free experience. In order to identify malicious code blocks, the app relies on Comodo’s security software and it can also prevent your browser from being compromised by ads made by bot-nets. In case you wish view ads on certain sites that you can fully trust then a white list of those sites should be maintained. Incidentally it can help you clear persistent cookies and other temporary internet files thereby improving the overall performance of the PC as malicious ads consume lot of system resources in writing cookies.

Overall the PrivDog looks to fulfill the gaping hole in user security that has been left behind by traditional antivirus tools. For its capacity to effectively block suspicious ad codes and untrusted ad sources, we mark the application with a score of 3 rating points.

Publisher's description

PrivDog is a free browser application that protects your privacy while making your browser run faster, and more securely. Because PrivDog allows no flash, or pop-up ads, browser speeds increase by up to 50%.
Unlike other advertising security applications we protect the advertising eco-system on the internet. PrivDog protects consumers as they can still access free content. We protect advertisers, as they can still get their same traffic levels, and publishers, who can receive the same revenue from website impressions and clicks.

The application complements existing antivirus and internet security suites to offer user's full protection against malvertising.
Version 1.8
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